Practical Help for Start Ups

For the un-initiated it can be a daunting prospect facing your first year in business. It can be many things, including:

  • Leap of faith
  • Stressful
  • Exhilarating
  • Scary
  • Exhausting
  • Rewarding
  • Learning experience

Of course, if you have done your preparation using good market research and produced a business plan that is realistic with achievable targets, there is a good chance of a successful outcome. However, you still need to implement your plan in the environment you are operating whilst using sound business practises to ensure are leading, in control always know the status of your business.

So, how do you give yourself the best possible chance of surviving that first critical 12 months and lay the foundation for a successful and sustainable business?

Some areas where MGE could help you

  • Business creation and development
  • Learning sessions to ensure you are armed with the best possible information and techniques
  • Crash download sessions to give you knowledge on different area of business including Marketing, Finance, Technology, Management and control, Methods on how to forecast, Potential pitfalls etc
  • 1 day session entitled “What can I expect from my first year in business?” Interactive session which is intended to prepare for potential issues which can arise and working through the thought process to solve these issues. This will help you to work through issues in a methodical manner without panic decision making
  • Ongoing Mentoring by experience business Mentors

Latest statistics suggest that 25% of new start-ups fail in the first year. The support we can give can help give you a better chance of surviving beyond this crucial period. AND …


It may not be as costly as you think to give you that better chance

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