A business process can be defined as being either a collection of linked tasks culminating in the delivery of a service of product, or, a set of activities and tasks that, once completed, will achieve a business goal. Each process must involve a clearly defined input and a single output.

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Business Processes

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Business Processes – the basics

In any business there exists a common set of core processes that must exist for the business to function correctly. Small organizations start with less processes as they generally have a smaller infra-structure. As the company grows, then more processes are needed to maintain functionality. Typically, a SME would have 5 critical business processes: Sales & Marketing; Accounting & Technology; Quality & Product/Service Delivery; Management HR & Finance; Product Development. As the company grows in size, these 5 critical business process tend to evolve and split into separate entities forming 10 essential processes. a fully formed enterprise will have the following core processes, each, critical to the success of the business:

  1. Customer Strategy & Relationships (Marketing)
  2. Employee Development & Satisfaction (Human Resources)
  3. Quality, Process Improvement & Change Management
  4. Financial Analysis, Reporting, & Capital Management
  5. Management Responsibility
  6. Customer Acquisition (Sales)
  7. Product Development
  8. Product/Service Delivery
  9. Accounting Management
  10. Technology Management (Computer & IT)

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