Starting your own business requires careful planning, research and preparation. A large percentage of our work here at MGE Business Solutions deals with advising new enterprises, showing budding entrepreneurs on how to register a company and set it up. We show you how to turn your initial idea into a thriving business. Additionally, we have a network of contacts that we can put you in touch with for aspects of your business that require specialist advice.

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Starting out

So, how exactly would you go about starting your own business? The ‘Just do it!’ method normally ends in failure through lack of planning, resulting in a lot of your wasted time … and money. The ‘Knock down barriers’ approach occasionally works, then you end up with a business that was built for one purpose only and is doomed to eventually fail because it is not adaptable and unable to change with its environment and markets. Here are some basic steps to think about:

  • Define your business idea
  • Write a business plan
  • Assess your need for finance
  • Choose a business structure
  • Set up cash-flow tracking
  • Decide on your branding
  • Get equipped
  • Start selling

Looks good doesn’t it? Wait! The above steps are good advice … for some businesses, but by no means all businesses. Each idea requires a different approach and that is where MGE Business Solutions come in. We are aware that what works for ‘Peter’, may not work for ‘Paul’ and can advise you from the onset, steering you down the right path to success and avoiding some really disabling pitfalls along the way. We have many models, constructed with years of experience helping businesses just like yours.

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